WPT Poker Bonus Code

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WPT Poker Bonus CodeBonuses and promotions are available on every site and it will not be a shock or a surprise to see a top name like WPT provide a great range of bonuses to their members. Like most sites, there is a bonus for new members which can be claimed using a WPT Poker bonus code, but the range of enticements on offer are much more than that and should keep players returning to the site time after time.

This is of course what a poker site wants from its customers but if the members are happy and able to reap the rewards then everyone is a winner. The following are some of the bonuses that you will find on the WPT site:

The welcome bonus

WPT provide a standard 100% sign-up bonus that can earn you up to $100. If you deposit $25, you get a bonus worth $25, if you deposit $50; you get a bonus of $50, all the way up to earning a bonus of $100.

This is the standard and simple bonus and one that WPT returns to its members in 10 sections, spacing out the return. This could be good depending on your nature and how badly you need to boost to your bankroll. Each new member will have 60 days to redeem their bonus, which may not sound like a lot but it does cover 2 months, which should be more than enough time for players to work their way through the bonus.

WPT Poker bonus code verification date24-10-2016

Official WPT Poker Bonus Codes
WPT Poker Bonus Code Bonus Description
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As you can see, WPTPOKER is one of the most popular codes for the WPT site available. You can compare our code to other codes, for instance the Europa Casino bonus code and you will notice that our 14 days trial bonus is indeed a great offer.

Boost your bank-roll

The good thing about the WPT bonus is that it does add money to your bankroll, which is important for all players but essential when you are starting out. Just because you are new to a site doesn’t mean that you are new to poker but a new poker site may take some getting used to. The rules of poker games are standard but different sites have separate layouts and nuances that mean a player needs some time to get used to a site. Having a bit of extra money to allow for some losses allows a player to get to grips with a new poker site without taking too much of a financial hit.


Depending on where you are based, some players find that they have restrictions based upon their welcome bonus.

For instance, WPT poker players that are in the United States or Canada will have to earn six times their bonus amount in WPT poker points before they can claim their bonus.

The WPT site, like many poker sites, runs a point system which encourages loyalty, regular play and success on the site. Points can be earned on poker games and the many side games so no matter you like to play on the WPT site, there is an opportunity to rack up those WPT points. The WPT points can help a player enter tournaments or be redeemed in the WPT store, offering a great range of poker goodies, many with the WPT famous brand. This means if you are looking for some great poker accessories for yourself or as gifts for others, it is possible to get them through playing online poker!

Bonus Code WPT Poker

As well as the bonus for new players, the WPT site provides a number of handy tutorials for players that may be new to poker. Online poker is becoming so poplar it is inevitable that it will be drawing more players to the game and if you are going to be spending money, it is important to be up to speed with the rules of the game.

The tutorials not only outline the rules of the individual poker games but they also indicate the layout and nature of the poker tables for the WPT site. This is definitely of use to new members because even if you have experience of playing poker, a new poker site can always present a challenge or two. Using this tutorial before you play should help every new member at the WPT site to get up to speed in no time at all.

The real bonus is reliability

Compared to some sites, WPT doesn’t go overboard with its bonuses or welcoming offers to new players but that is because it doesn’t have to. It is a site that is affiliated to one of the best known brands in poker and people will come to it. Although welcome money is good for online poker sites, reputation and reliability is something else and this is something that WPT provide with their site. The WPT brand is respected so much; they aren’t going to ruin it with a substandard or unreliable website. This means this is a site you can trust, and with our bonus code WPT Poker (WPTPOKER), you are ready to take the most advantage.