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WPT Poker DownloadThere are two great ways to get access to the poker games at the WPT Poker site, which means it couldn’t be easier to start playing. The majority of poker sites offer a download facility which allows a greater number of games to be played but some users will be wary of downloading software. This is why the WPT Poker site provides an instant play version, allowing everyone to get access to the fun. With both options available, players can choose the set-up and system that suits them best and no one needs to miss out. Add this level of flexibility to the benefit of using a WPT Poker bonus code and it is easy to see why so many poker players are turning towards this site.

When it comes to deciding which method is right for a player, there are benefits to both, so it makes sense to weigh up the positives of both aspects before deciding which system to use.

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WPT Poker download games look great

The downloaded software provides richer graphics and animation that moves more fluently. This doesn’t impact on the actual game-play but the quality of graphics and animation does impact on the enjoyment levels for many people. The better a game looks; the more likely some players will be to play it so this is a feature that will appeal to many poker players.

There is also a benefit in the fact that the game can be launched directly from your desktop, saving time to get into the action. Having access to the game on your desktop is a great feature for regular players as there will be no need to remember web address details, all you have to do is click and the excitement of the WPT Poker download game will be available on your screen.

As you would expect, there are a number of specifications that players need to be aware of before they start to download the WPT Poker software for their computer. Firstly, their operating systems needs to be either Windows 2000 / XP / Vista or Windows 7, which sadly means Mac users are unable to download the software. There is a need for a Pentium system which has at least 265mb of RAM available. The download size of the software will be roughly 9.9MB. There is also a need for the screen resolution to be 800 x 600 pixels and for the screen to be capable of displaying a minimum of 256 colours.

When these specifications are laid out, some people may have concerns over whether their computer has the capabilities to meet these specifications but in reality, the majority of computers will be able to run this software. If you have any doubts, be sure to check first before downloading but there shouldn’t be too many problems.

The downloading process couldn’t be simpler and the user will be walked through in the entire process. The thought of it being a complicated process would be enough to put some players off of using the download programme but there is nothing to be concerned about!

With so many great features of the download version, some players will find the instant play version superfluous to their needs but that is not the case for everyone.

Instant play can help you play on the move

Firstly, there is no hassle in using the instant play version because players do not have to download anything. Even though the WPT Poker site can be trusted and has a great reputation for safety, some players do not want to download WPT Poker software or programs on their computer. This is perfectly acceptable and a good way to ensure your computer does not become compromised. For these players, the instant play version provides a great alternative and makes it very easy to play. Players can gain instant access from their browser, making it suitable for computer users who have a different operating system from the Windows options required to run the download software.

Download WPT PokerIt is also fair to say that people are playing more games on the go and may be moving about quite a lot. Some players may decide to use the download software for their home PC but perhaps if they are on the road through work or on holiday, the instant play game in the browser may be a better option when using a laptop or someone else’s computer. The ability to mix and match your choice of software and use which one is right at a specific time is a great option for players and should ensure that whenever you want to play poker, the WPT Poker game is not far away.

The instant play option is a great option to have but it is a limited version of the download program. This can be seen in the number of games available and on some specification and features that are only available in the download package.

Some of the features only available in the download version of the game include the ability to play on private tables, to utilise table filters and the ability to resize, tile or cascade tables. There are also dealer options contained on the poker table in WPT Poker download version that are not available on the instant play games.

Choosing between instant play and download is very much a decision that players will have to make for themselves because a lot will depend on their own wants and requirements from an online poker site. No matter what choice is made, there are great benefits from both and provide a great deal of poker action. Also, no matter what option is selected, it is possible to use the WPT Poker bonus code to give yourself a greater boost when it comes to playing. No matter if you prefer download or instant play, having the ability to manage your bank-roll and gain a little bonus is going to help every poker player.

With both WPT Poker download and instant play versions available, there is no reason to miss out on the WPT Poker fun!

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